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Knowledge is power! We often contribute to various magazines, seminars, conferences and forums, so we therefore chose to make available most of our contributions.  And we’ve done so in a manner that would suit everybody’s preferences, be it podcasts, webinars, articles and/or slideshow presentations.

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Tax Information Exchange Agreements
Agreement with Bahamas
Date: Signed on 18 January 2012

Agreement with Bermuda
Date: Signed on 24 November 2011

Agreement with Cayman Islands
Date: Signed on 25 November 2013

Agreement with Gibraltar
Date: Signed on 24 January 2012

Agreement with the United State of America (FATCA)
Date: Signed on 13 December 2013

Agreement with United States of America (FATCA-Amendment 2015)
Date: Signed in 2015

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